Tinnitus in Left Ear... Now Both

Discussion in 'Support' started by grace1209, Apr 23, 2015.

    1. grace1209

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      3 weeks
      I've been experiencing T on my left ear since 2 months. It happend all of a sudden after walking on a very cold day. this month the right ear started ringing as well but not continuously, it happens a few times per day and lasts few minutes, it comes and it goes off... I have been to 3 ENT specialists, my hearing test and tympanography were normal, so they didn't say much.
      I have chronic sinusitis and i am using steroid spray. I also have a knotted muscle on my left side of my neck, and tmj problems..
      Does anybody have the same.. Any idea how to get rid of this?
    2. Richard Wallace

      Richard Wallace Member

      Hi Grace, I don't have the tmj, etc, but I know it's not terribly uncommon for the T to spread to the other ear too. Mine started out in my left ear and has spread to the right one also. Still worse in the original left side though. I hope this straightens out for you. Try to stay as busy as you can as it helps some. God Bless....... Rich
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    3. AUTHOR

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      3 weeks
      Thank you, Rich!! :)
    4. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      Sadly not. I had the same issue...I have tinnitus, few months in it started in the other ear...It's those damn hyperactive neurons.
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    5. Beessie

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      Stress? + badluck? Clubbing? IDK!
      If you can stay relax, not stressed try specialized chirpracter for Tinnitus.
      Worked for me (had one session) Tinnitus was 80% reduced for 2 days. Unfortunatly came back because my body produces a lot of tension in my headmucles.

      Definitly worth a try! Good luck.
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    6. NiNyu

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      barotrauma? stress?
      Same here. It all started in the left.. now I have faint T in my right which comes and goes. Although I have extreme hearing loss (left). It's insane!

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