Tinnitus in the Long-Term: Anyone's Gotten Better or Stayed the Same?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jake, Sep 26, 2013.

    1. Jake

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      Lawrence, KS
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      Has anyone's T gotten better or stayed at the same volume? Or does it almost always get worse? Just curious.
    2. Darren Knight

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      Cambridge UK
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      Hi Jake,

      I'm not a long term sufferer, but I think if you look at the posts, the vast majority of people deal with it extremely well as time goes on. I think the key is to embrace the change and not fear it. Since I've been effected by it (5 weeks in) I've done loads of stuff that I'm thoroughly uenjoying and wouldn't have done before. Making Real quality time with my wife, going out for meals, days out, going into the gym, eating really healthy meals at home (and let me tell you, I love a bit of junk food) and not just laying on the sofa watching crap TV. And believe it or not, I'm sleeping better now, then I did before. Also if you google T suffers, the amount of famous people that have it is incredible. Just stay strong mate and live your life to the max. Well, got to go, as I'm back in the gym now. At 45 I'm trying to look like them skinny kids with their pants hanging below their arse :) Take care bud
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    3. inadmin

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      I'm also wondering, since most of the questions deal with an increase in volume - did someone ever hear of cases when the volume does down?
    4. JTP
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      Shit happens
      I guess that happens too, but people do not feel like reporting that on support board.
    5. Strictlyt

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      I think most people learn to live with it. I have found it gets worse when I have been doing boring jobs in a quiet office as I start to focus on the sound. I agree with what Darren says, live life to the full, keep yourself busy and you will hopefully forget it most of the time!
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    6. frohike

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      Acoustic trauma
      It's been 4 years for me and it has gotten worse. I blame exposing myself to loud noises, even when I didn't have any incident that spiked my T. I'm much more careful now. e.g.: I don't fly without protection (14 hours in a plane at 85-100 db = not good right?), I avoid discos, concerts, I carry earplugs, and a decibel meter on my iPhone.

      I have always been able to sleep though, and I no longer feel anxiety. When T started I wondered if I would be able to live like this, and if it would get worse to the point of screwing up my life. Today I think of T everyday but it's curiosity, and also hope for future research developments. I still wonder if this will be worse in a decade or so but it's not a disturbing thought.

      My tolerance have increased, I even wonder how I'm able to sleep with that noise in the background, but I do sleep. It's something like a leak in the roof. Not an optimal situation, but something you can live with.
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    7. Tamalak

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      I have had mine on and off for 2.5 years and over the last 0.5 years it has gotten worse.
    8. inadmin

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      And what was the cause?

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