Tinnitus Increase and Hearing Loss in Left Ear.

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      OK, I also posted this in the ask a doctor section.

      I've been a musician for 40 years and my basic Tinnitus is probably my own fault. But lately, for a year or so, I've noticed that whenever I work with my head down (ex: on my lawn, cleaning the tub, on my lawnmower, driveway, deck, etc) for more than 15 minutes, I will, about 1/2 hour later get a MAJOR increase in the ringing in my left ear as well as a loss of high pitch in that ear. Up to recently, that would last about 2 days and then go back to normal levels. A week ago, I worked on my lawn for a while one day, and when it got LOUD, it didn't go away. I've been to my ENT doctor just before this last onset, and they did notice a difference in my hearing even when I didn't. Now, as I said, it's much worse and doesn't want to go away. He said he never heard of such a thing, but is sending me for an ABR test to check for a tumor.

      Oh and when this is happening, loud noises are very distorted and crackly in the left ear. .

      Is this all that rare or unheard of??? Is there a way to reverse it?? (Look UP for an hour?? :) Help!!!!!

      Thanx!! JOHN P.
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      Seems like there is always something strange going on with our ears and tinnitus.

      I experience some of what you describe, too. If I bend over or do anything where blood rushes to my head or increases head pressure in any way, I lose a bit of hearing and tinnitus increases until I am back upright. Then it goes back to normal. I experience this when I do any hard physical activity as well.

      While running last year I had a loss of hearing which also gave me my permanent tinnitus. After a high res cat scan, my neurotologist was able to diagnose enlarged vestibular aqueducts (EVAS also know as LVAS) as the likely cause. That could be something else to ask your ENT about.

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      Can they do anything to help you??? JP
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      Hey man... Another musician here... I'd say maybe go ask for corticosteroids from your GP but it's along shot. One thing for sure is start taking NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid...Magnesium and antioxidant vitamins like A E and C they're oto protective.

      Man how did you stay in the game with chronic T? I just quit my club date band cause I don't want to make my T any worse. I was ALWAYS wearing musicians ear plugs ER25s but you know how loud the weddings can get.
      Anyway hit me up if you can and hope this helps.
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      Please let us know if your doctor finds anything and keep us apprised of your progress. I wonder if your problems have something to do circulation issues that are aggravated by postural changes? There is a relationship between inner ear circulation and tinnitus. But I'm sure your doctor knows about this.
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      Probably headphones
      Maybe something to do with your inner ear fluids. You could read more about benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and cochlear hydrops...
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      I have the loss of high pitch and increase in tinnitus in my right ear. It gets worse when I'm at work. I've had a blocked, or full feeling ear since having a flu a couple of months ago. Doc have me Valium and fluticasone nasal spray..used them last night for first time. Eased the full feeling but hasn't gotten rid of it. Hasn't done anything for the pitch of the T.

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