Tinnitus/Low Frequency Hearing Loss from Low Noise... Circulation Issue?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Aug 14, 2016.

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      There is likely insufficient blood flow to my ears (vertebrobasilar artery compression in neck) causing my problems, just to keep that in mind. I also suffer from a variety of migraines which do affect my inner ear.

      Anyway, so I have had an extreme vulnerability to sounds today. I woke up and had very loud T all day from trying to sleep on my neck (sleep on my back, specifically) and diminished hearing, but only in the high frequencies.

      This evening I went to watch planes at the airport. We were probably within 500-1,000 feet of the planes or more. However, the noise levels were generally around 65 decibels in the car, and a maximum of 80 db outside; I had a single, brief (3 second) exposure to that noise outside. Unless there was truly loud infrasound, my exposure there should not have amounted to anything.

      Coming home, we drove for about a minute or less on a concrete road, which produced some low frequency sounds around 70 something decibels. I plugged my ears but to no avail, and I had a noticeable shift in my low frequency hearing, which has never happened before despite driving on that stretch of road a million times in my life!

      Can a lack of good inner ear circulation cause this sensitivity perhaps? Is there something about infrasound for short exposure times that makes it highly dangerous.

      Thanks for the help!
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      How did you find out that you have vertebrobasilar artery compression in neck. What kind of test?
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