Tinnitus Moving Into the Other Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mo_Mo, Jan 22, 2015.

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      Unknown, Started A Week After A Cold
      Is it normal for tinnitus to move into the second ear?
      I have had T for 2 months now
      Usually when I sleep, I sleep on my right side since my T is in the left ear but in the past week I am feeling that I also have T in my right ear
      When I put my right ear on the pillow I feel the T sound amplifieng, I did not notice this in the first 8 weeks
      Hence is it normal for the T to move into both ears after it was in one ear only?
      Should I start talking prednisolone to make sure that it is not a new ear infection in the right ear?
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Yeah T can do that, my T started in my right ear but its now in my left (but not as bad) as well, sometimes i perceive the sound as coming from the right/left ear, sometimes both, other times it sounds central like its coming from the brain (obviously T is created in the brain), why?.....havent got a clue! :dunno: one of the mysteries of T!

      If you believe you might have an ear infection then best to get it checked and treated by your Doctor.
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      yes its also normal to go up and down and to disappear and come back and to hear your heart beat at times and then to have it on one ear and then the other..... if you focus on it you'll also develop likely ear fullness, sensitivity to sound and so on.

      the mind is a powerful thing!!

      I am starting to believe tinnitus is in the vast majority of cases psychosomatic

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