Tinnitus Rearing Its Head Every Now and Then

Discussion in 'Support' started by redshoulder, Feb 1, 2016.

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      Have tinnitus in right ear since 2009 after ear infection, ( but loud music and live gigs are a factor) since then it is not that bad usually it gets worse for a while during a cold or another ear infection or wax blockage.

      I am an engineer working in an factory environment, however the offices are separate to the factory floor, last Friday due to some work I had to do I was on the floor for about an hour and after returning to the offices I had a really bad pain in the right ear (maybe ear fatigue?) after taking some painkillers it relived the pain but since then I hear the tinnitus all the time or maybe the tinnitus is just at the same base-level it usually is but now I notice it more now because its on my mind.

      Not sure why I got the earache, maybe some reduced tolerance to noise, I measured the area with some iphone app and usually the factory floor is in high 70db sometimes it peaks at 85db, but from what I understand an hour of listening to sub 85db should do no harm, my other thoughts on this is the type of noise produced that would give cause to earache, maybe some mid level repetitive sound. Another thing is that the most of the operators that work on the floor don't use hearing protection and some have been working there for years so the noise level cant be that bad.

      So now I will use earplugs whenever I go on the factory floor for an extended period of time, but really I'm just sick of this popping up every now and then and the worry that the present ringing level will stay indefinitely until i kick the bucket. The only positive thing is that I have no hearing damage (listening test 6 months ago)
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      Maybe they are clueless. If I were you I would tell them about the dangers of noise.

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