Tinnitus Relief from Movie Sounds and Other Unintentional Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mattavox, Aug 2, 2020.

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      probably from light saber damage
      I wanted to wait a few months before posting this to insure that a particular set of sounds has not returned, and they haven't.

      As of January 2020, I have had 3 ringing sounds:
      1. high pitch sound that is constant 24/7, increases in volume with surrounding sounds from environment, and causes me to have motion headaches
      2. the famous clicking or compulsive typewriter sounds that are super loud, always constant, to the point where I had to give my wife my handguns because I was picking them up too often
      3. feedback sound that made me almost pass out or lose control of my car when driving, best described as if someone walked up to a microphone and the audience heard feedback that caused everyone to hold their ears

      Due to my tinnitus, I had not been to a movie theater in 9 months for fear of the escalating noise effects, but a friend took me to see the last Star Wars movie at the IMAX in January 2020. I took ear plugs, which I wore the entire time to help soften the volume by 50%.

      When I left the theater, I noticed that the clicking noises were gone. And I'm posting this on 8/02/2020, and the clicking noises and feedback sounds have not returned, so I can almost function normally. The high pitched sounds are still present and have gotten louder over time, and they cause me to have motion headaches which cause me to lose focus in normal activities, especially driving, which I am not allowed to do anymore.

      A few months ago, I was operating my electric hand saw, and I forgot to put my noise-canceling headphones on, and when I stopped the saw to put the headphones on, I noticed that I had no tinnitus sounds at all. The high pitched sounds returned in 20 minutes, but I haven't tried that accidental experiment again. I do and don't want to try this again because this is probably part of my original tinnitus problem - not wearing hearing protection.

      Has anyone else experienced good side effects to unintentional sounds?
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