Tinnitus Significantly Reduced/Cured! Don't Give Up

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      Whether you've had tinnitus for a week or many decades, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is there with you always. Christ is the ultimate healer and there is always a purpose whatever your circumstances.

      I've had tinnitus for a few months and I believe I have now found the root cause of the problem and a cure. As I've discovered, tinnitus is a symptom only and is caused by something else in the body. You need to really listen to your body and play detective in finding that out. Don't believe that there isn't a cure. For me, I first had to get rid of compacted ear wax which resolved half the problem. Before the wax was removed, the ringing was like a very audible musical note rather than a high pitched buzz and felt a lot of ear pressure. After the wax was removed, the musical note sound was gone but the high pitched buzz stayed and fluctuated. The pressure was mostly gone but it came back hard on the days my ears were ringing loudly. I took a hearing test and turns out my hearing is actually perfect and better than average, so I don't have hearing loss. I read that hearing tests can't always detect hidden damage - ok, fair enough but I didn't take that lead any further.

      Then I decided to go sugar and salt free for 3-4 weeks, so meaning I avoided foods that were intentionally sweet or salty eg. fruit juice, chips/junk food, chocolate, no added salt in cooking etc.. Fruit and vegies were still ok but keeping in mind, I was already eating pretty healthy. But the ringing still remained. I "tried" to go stress free - I've been fairly stressed at work over the last 12 months. So I went on a short weekend away and noticed on one day, I could barely hear the ringing but it came back ringing loudly the next day. That's good news, it means I had days where I was ok but just didn't know why. I also noticed really loud noises makes tinnitus worse and builds up the pressure and irritation in the ears. Remember that just because loud noises makes your tinnitus worse, it doesn't mean it's the root cause. Then again, don't go out looking for loud noises.

      Then I stumbled across a youtube video which showed the connection between muscles, nerves and tinnitus. The physical exercises helped slightly but I noticed my neck, jaw and facial muscles were unbelievably tight and hard like a block of steel. Massaging it really hurts and still so tight after days of massaging but this makes sense as I've never massaged these muscles for literally the last 15 years. The good news is I now get consistent relief of my tinnitus when I massage my jaw and neck muscles. A little ringing still remains but has been significantly reduced and the ear pressure has completely gone. My general practitioner says muscles and tinnitus can be related and has referred me to a neck/jaw/head specialised physio. I went to the physio and confirmed that my neck and jaw muscles were tight as anything and got the proper physio treatment with exercises etc.. to follow. Sleeping on my side or back was important and not on my stomach. Applying heat to my shoulder/neck/jaw area eg. a hot shower also really helped. The next day, my tinnitus was almost gone.

      Don't give up. God bless
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      Rock ´n Roll
      Can Richard Dawkins please respond to the above post...
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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      So happy for you. But this a special kind of tinnitus which will only apply to very few people. But anyway it is nice to hear another success story.

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