Tinnitus Since 2004 & Pulsatile Since 2012

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jeska, Feb 1, 2018.

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      Hey :)

      My names jess... I've had tinnitus since a music gig in 2004. I've become used to it now and it doesn't bother me.

      In 2012 though I developed pulsatille tinnitus in my left ear. I've had an MRI and it showed a high riding jugular bulb and nothing unusual in my brain which was a relief. I never followed through with the specialist appointment and they never called for a follow up. So I assumed there was nothing you could do as I guess it's an anatomical variation... it's really annoying and worse at night. For a while there I thought it happened more when my iron is low. But I've been on iron sups for a month now and no relief.

      Keen to read about everyone else's stories
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      Aspirin Mesication
      @Jeska hi does your PT stay pretty much the same ? Or has it gotten worse since 2012?

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