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      Hi all,

      My name is Simon and I'm 23 years old student living in Sweden. I got tinnitus from listening on a mp3 player on a boat on midsummer 2007. The boat's engine were so loud that I had to increase the volume on the player to max + the earphones were shitty so the quality of music was shitty.

      Since then I've had my ups and down with my T - it's a constant ringing like the one from an old TV and kind of the same level on both ears. At first I was very sad and anxious, bc I was so young and still didn't really know what T was. One thing I regret was that I didn't go to a doctor and talked about my problem, I just talked to my parents. But after some time I learned to live with it and it didn't bother me much - I just heard I i really quiet rooms and at night before sleep.

      Since then I've learned to always ALWAYS wear earplugs when I'm out at a nightclub. I found that my farmacy had a slicon transparent earplugs that could be fixed in any shape - very useful if you're out and don't want to wear some big colorful plugs.

      Well life went on and a week ago I went to a party with some friends. I had my earplugs with me but the music at the dancefloor seemed not too loud, I skipped to wear them. BIG MISTAKE.

      My T have since that night been louder and have gone from only hearing in quiet rooms to hearing in most situations, but not that high on the street e.g.

      My focus that was before not on the T have now been brought back on it and I keep focusing on it making me no able to sleep and concentrate. I have decides finally to go to a doctor to have the ears checked and I'm deciding to join this forum, to calm myself when I'm really upset.

      Conclusions: Always ALWAYS wear earplugs when going on concerts or a nightclub. My T is not getting any worse. This is it.
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