Tinnitus Since 2013 from Hearing Loss / Atypical Meniere's Disease — Now Getting Worse

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      Hearing loss, meniere's disease
      Hey everyone, I've had episodic tinnitus and hearing loss in my right ear since I was 13, and I'm now 52. I was born deaf in my left ear. The hearing loss and tinnitus became permanent in my right in 2013. It's not awesome, but most days I can deal with it. At any given time there can be as many as five different sounds in that ear, but my hearing aid helps me get through it and it's never interfered with my sleep.

      I recently started having pretty terrifying tinnitus spikes -- it sounds like a really loud dial tone (remember those?) It drowns out most other sound and even wakes me up.

      So far I've had three of these in the past month. I'm currently experiencing the most recent.

      My original dx is atypical Meniere's disease (no vertigo.)

      I am wondering if this new tinnitus is permanent or if it will go back to "normal" at some point. It's pretty difficult to manage as I know you all know.

      I'm already on a pretty restrictive diet (low salt, sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol) and taking a variety of supplements (vitamin D, CoQ10, magnesium, fish oil, glutathione, zinc, vitamin c, melatonin). I'm looking into TMS as an option.

      Anything else I should try? Or is this my new normal?
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      I am sorry to hear your story. I just post my friend's experience with hearing aids and his tinnitus. I hope it can help you. Good luck.

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