Tinnitus Sounding Like a ROTARY TELEPHONE Ringing in the Distance

Discussion in 'Support' started by Russell Grimes, Mar 7, 2023.

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      I have had pulsatile tinnitus for 13 months and am still awaiting more tests to try to find the origin. However, I am also suffering from intermittent tinnitus in the other ear in addition to a tingling sensation and occasional mild pain that seems to be referred from my neck.

      I hear it primarily when I am lying down in silence. It sounds like a rotary telephone ringing in the distance. It even stops for a moment like a telephone. It goes brrnnng for three seconds and pause for three seconds, brrnnng for three seconds, pause for three seconds and continues unabated.

      It is not loud, not nearly as loud as my pulsatile tinnitus, so I have habituated, but it aggravates me, especially because I don’t know the origin.

      Has anybody else experienced tinnitus like this?

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