Tinnitus Spike and New Tone from IHOP — Is This Permanent?

Discussion in 'Support' started by pinklights98, Dec 1, 2019.

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      Tinnitus is so debilitating.

      This morning I went to IHOP with some friends for the first time in six months. I was having a great time and the sound level was quite pleasant—I didn’t find the sound level uncomfortable in any way. But, as a precaution less than halfway through I put in some musician's earplugs. I was there for a little less than an hour.

      Edit: afterwards I went to a makeup store (Ulta) and didn’t wear earplugs. I didn’t really think to because it was empty but perhaps I should’ve.

      I now have an awful spike (new tone) in my left ear. The fact that it’s a new tone scares me so much, it’s extremely high pitched. Could this be new damage? I’m really scared and feeling kind of hopeless.
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      Tinnitus really is so debilitating. You never know what’s going to make it worse. Everything always feels like too much.

      I am so so so sorry you are dealing with this! Just because it’s a new tone though doesn’t make it permanent necessarily. I had my noise trauma with a fire alarm a month ago and for a good period of that time I had several new alarm sounding tones which have decreased and changed back to a more “normal” ring after some time. Going back to work has ruined the progress I made on my hyperacusis pretty much but the worst of the ringing-the new tones- have gone down considerably.

      It’s impossible to avoid noise it seems. Please try and stay calm and positive as you possibly can, and take care of yourself. I know it’s so hard, and you don’t deserve this.
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      I'm having a spike and i went to the mall, I'm not sure if it's from the mall.
      Has your spike subsided?

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