Tinnitus Spike Observation: The Crack of the Wood Breaking Made the Pitch of My Tinnitus Increase

Discussion in 'Support' started by monkey legs, May 14, 2019.

    1. monkey legs

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      1991 (Low level). Worse Dec 2017 to Now
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Ear injury (paintball) 1991. 2017 > Onwards Cause? Not sure.
      Hi folks,

      I was doing some woodwork in the garden today, and broke some old wood up. The "crack" of the wood breaking made the pitch of my tinnitus increase. I'm not worried as it always returns to baseline.

      I wish I had a decibel meter to check the loudness of the cracking. I can't imagine it's that loud. It's strange how certain sounds can affect the tinnitus.

      Anyone else have observations like this?

      Peace & Love.
    2. StubbyJ

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      Loud Noise Exposure
      Yes. The T in my left ear is very reactive. Some of us are lucky to have this.
    3. Digital Doc

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      noise induced
      Some folks are sensitive to any noise, while others are more sensitive to specific frequencies. You appear to be in the latter category.

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