Tinnitus Starting Randomly and Still Going Strong

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Scynoth, Jan 10, 2020.

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      Found this forum after some googling and seems like a good community of people. My name is Kyle and I started getting Tinnitus randomly once evening about 10 days ago while falling asleep. My left ear began to ring out of the blue. It also felt like it was plugged up and needed to be popped. It was like that the next day or two but the plugged up feeling eventually went away. The ringing however has stayed. I really only notice it in my left year but its the same pitch all day 24/7. A mid to high steady tone.

      The first few days it was hard to sleep but i'm sorta getting used to it so it's not keeping me awake much anymore. If i'm watching TV or get busy doing something I can block it out and don't notice it as much but its always there. What seems odd also is loud noises make the pitch louder while the noise is happening. Loud rustling of bags, hissing noises, shower running water, certain words if said loud enough, stuff like that. The ringing gets louder for as long as the noise lasts then returns to the normal ringing.

      I went to see an ENT and they did a hearing test / looked in my ears. Ears looked good and hearing test was great. He said he was hesitant to do any CT scans because he likely wouldn't fund much based on his past experiences. I also said I had a brain MRI for something unrelated about a year ago and he said that's good news they didn't find anything back then and that would basically rule out the more dangerous stuff. (to me that seems like a long time ago though.) He said it would probably dissipate on its own and to follow up in 4 months.

      A little bit about me. I'm in my early 30's and have had health related anxiety though my adult hood. I tend to obsess on health related issues and it really sucks. Even on things that I think I may have but don't. Causes me a lot of stress when I get into those moods. I also have chronic sinusitis (basically my sinus are always somewhat inflamed and I have drainage a lot). I also have TMJ but not confirmed by a TMJ specialist. My ENT told me he's almost positive I have it due to the symptoms I've discussed with him in the past.

      Just wanted to say Hi and wanted to hear from anyone that wants to comment / share their thoughts on my situation.
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      I am not sure.
      Hi! Welcome. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I randomly woke up with tinnitus about 2 months ago. I only hear my tinnitus at night and I can pretty much block it out if I’m busy or outside with other noises. My tinnitus is unknown as well, however, my ENT told me he is positive as well that I have TMJ because I grind my teeth at night while I sleep. TMJ and grinding your teeth at night can cause tinnitus, which is why I’m going to try to get night guard. I’m also doing physical therapy for my the TMJ. I read that if your TMJ problem gets treated then you have a chance of your tinnitus to fade away over time.
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      Single 25 mg. Dose of (Anticholinergic) Drug Promethazine
      @Scynoth -- I would guess some kind of combination of those two things are causing your tinnitus. Addressing the sinus issue would likely be a little more straightforward than the TMJ. I would recommend this compelling 6-Min. Video: -- Chronic Sinus Problems? Try the Bulletproof Sinus Rinse.

      The following thread connects somewhat with the video: -- Iodine Supplementation for Better Brain and Sinus Health — Which "Might" Improve Tinnitus. -- I read one testimonial online of a man who experienced exasperating, ongoing sinus infections for years, being unable to shake them. When he finally discovered iodine supplementation, his sinus infections cleared up within days.

      Your anxiety could easily be a result of your sinus infection, but it could be other factors as well. Here's a link to another thread you may want to check out: -- Three Supplements to Treat Severe Anxiety Symptoms

      All the Best...
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      Fall from stairs
      I agree with the posters above me: you'll find your best chances in getting your TMJ treated. Obviously we can never be sure, but you wouldn't be the first case where this resolves your tinnitus.

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