Tinnitus Study Signals New Advance in Understanding Link Between Exposure to Loud Sounds and Hearing

Discussion in 'Research News' started by erik, Feb 15, 2014.

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      Most likely hearing loss
      A research team investigating tinnitus, from the University of Leicester, has revealed new insights into the link between the exposure to loud sounds and hearing loss.

      Their study, published this week in Journal of Neuroscience, helps to understand how damage to myelin – a protection sheet around cells - alters the transmission of auditory signals occurring during hearing loss.

      The three-year study was derived from a PhD studentship funded by Action on Hearing Loss. It was led by Dr Martine Hamann, Lecturer in Neurosciences at the University's Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology.

      Dr Hamann said: "A previous publication has shown that exposure to loud sound damages the myelin which is the protection sheet around cells. We have now shown the closer links between a deficit in the "myelin" sheath surrounding the auditory nerve and hearing loss. It becomes obvious why hearing loss is correlated with auditory signals failing to get transmitted along the auditory nerve.

      "Understanding cellular mechanisms behind hearing loss and tinnitus allows for developing strategies to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of deafness or tinnitus - for example by using specific drug therapies.

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      Nothing too new, I've read a similar study a little while ago. In fact, I believe I gave a layman's understanding of it a few weeks ago in another topic.

      What's kind of depressing is we see studies released with basically the same findings as previous stuies. It's good to see information becoming more conclusive but I'd rather see more theories tried than old ones solidified at this point.
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      Yea no wonder they get no where :-/
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      ok, we know since years that myelin protect nerves and that multiple sclerosis does damage it and alters the signal from or to the brain....
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      that's interesting Eric,

      I take a natural product that encourages the formation of ATP and mylelination. Havent noticed any difference yet but will let you all know if it starts to change my 'you know what'
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      Acoustic trauma from headphones
      A lot of research goes nowhere. Thats why companies like Autifony and Auris exist - they make money using techniques from researchers.
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