Tinnitus Sufferer on the Verge of Suicide Finds His Own Cure by Emailing Expert in America

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      Tinnitus sufferer on the verge of suicide finds his OWN cure by emailing expert 3,000 miles away in America

      Ian Turner's tinnitus was so unbearable that he was contemplating suicide
      • Doctors in the UK diagnosed him but said it was 'too dangerous' to operate
      • He emailed Dr Maxim Shapiro in New York with his brain scans
      • He sent the scans back with arrows which showed how to do the operation
      • Doctors at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, were then able to cure him
      A tinnitus sufferer whose problem was so bad that he was contemplating suicide has found his own cure - by emailing an expert 3,000 miles away in America.

      Retired radio presenter, Ian Turner, was at the end of his tether because the 'agonising' tinnitus was causing a constant a loud 'whooshing' sound in his right ear.

      Doctors in Britain diagnosed Ian's chronic condition - but said it was 'too dangerous' to try and operate on it.

      However, Mr Turner refused to give up so tracked down an expert in New York and emailed his brain scans to him.
      Dr Maxim Shapiro, from Langone Medical Center, New York, sent the scans back with a series of arrows drawn on them.
      Mr Turner took Dr Shapiro's email to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and told doctors: 'This is how to cure me.'
      After four operations Mr Turner has now made a full recovery.
      He said: 'In desperation, I researched the condition on the internet and emailed the scans to Dr Shapiro.
      'He emailed them back to me with lots of little arrows showing what was causing the whooshing problem.
      It wasn't as serious as the doctors here thought - and once they saw the arrows they knew how to fix it.
      'My life has been transformed and I want to cross the Atlantic to look Dr Shapiro in the eye to thank him.'
      Doctors in Britain diagnosed Mr Turner with objective pulsatile tinnitus - caused by an obstruction in the passage between the heart and brain.
      Tinnitus is the name given to the sensation of sound in the absence of an external source.
      Pulsatile tinnitus is a rhythmical noise that usually has the same rate as the heart. It is caused by a change in blood flow in the vessels near the ear.
      Mr Turner, of Llandudno, North Wales, said he had been told his local hospital was unable to treat him, as it did not offer such care. But if did refer him to Addenbrooke's.
      He said: 'After the intervention and instructions from Dr Shapiro everything was different.
      'I had four operations at Addenbrooke's - three of them in three days.
      'Addenbrooke's were wonderful. I feel great.
      He said the noise in his ear was getting worse almost daily and unless it had been treated he would have attempted suicide.
      Mr Turner is now working with Aberconwy MP, Guto Bebb, to raise awareness of the problem.
      Mr Bebb said: 'I must compliment Ian's determination to send the scans to the U.S.
      'There has been recognition that the second opinion he had from America hit the nail on the head.'
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      I have indeed seen this article before. It is interesting and does speak to the need of not giving up when one doctor wont help you.
      I just disagree with the headline that claims the patient "found" his own cure. It was very clear what was wrong and that it was operable. What he "found" was a doctor to do the operation.
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      At least he found the help he needed. I'll get behind that for anybody. I don't care where it is.
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      I'm getting MRI scan in a few weeks.
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      How did I miss this ,anything in print on Tinnitus I straight away home in on.Wonder what UK paper that was reported in,glad he got that help.Addenbrookes is one of the best known hospitals in UK.
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      Daily Mail, 13 March, 2013 (link)

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      Thanks for finding that for me ,will have a read,amazing what one finds on this site,if one can't find it there's always someone who can,thanks again
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      What surgery did this guy have exactly? What was his cause?
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      As it turns out this surgery was a landmark case.
      Subject had both his head and heart replaced.
      They asked him after a 24 hour surgery how he felt about the whole thing...

      He replied, "I feel like a new man. I used to work in radio but now I think I am going to try for a gig on TV"
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      This is ridiculous.... Drew arrows and sent back to surgeons "just cut here!" "Oh okay!"

      At any rate, his was pulsatile tinnitus.....a blood vessel issue which is fixable apparently.
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