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      Running Tinnitus Talk costs money. Monthly hosting bills and maintenance fees add up. Implementing new features is not exactly cheap either.

      There are four different ways to support Tinnitus Talk. Please read about them below.

      Option 1)
      You can support Tinnitus Talk by buying a Benefactor Package. Even though PayPal handles the payment, PayPal account is not required - you can pay by using a credit card, without creating a PayPal account.

      Click Here to Go to the Account Upgrades Page!

      The Benefactor Upgrade entails you to a few perks, which you can read more about from the above link.

      Option 2)
      • Pay directly via PayPal (PayPal account not required) by clicking one of the below buttons.
      • You do not need to be a member of Tinnitus Talk to use the below buttons.










      Option 3)
      Have you heard of iHerb or Vitacost? If not, tune in.

      Both are great and affordable places to shop for vitamins, supplements, health and natural beauty products.
      A+ customer service, and almost worldwide shipping!

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      Option 4)
      Support Tinnitus Talk by shopping at Amazon.

      Visit Amazon via the below links:

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