Tinnitus Through Middle Ear Infection

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      Hi everyone,

      I got my first tinnitus 10 years ago through a middle ear infection (otitis media). At first the sound was only in the left ear which had the infection. At this time it was usual practice in Germany to give infusion with plasma extenders (useless, the thing they used is banned now, gives untreatable itching in some people) and steroids. That made it even worser, I couldn't sleep and my anxiety was at top levels. After 2 weeks it started in the right ear too... and then it's getting worser week by week plus a mild hyperacusis developed.
      It tried everything in the next year, acupuncture, cranio-sacral-therapy, sleeping on magnetic field mats, bio-resonance, hypnosis, went to ENTs and phychatrists... also the usual things like vitamin B12, 5HTP and other supplements. I took some Benzos for about 6-8 weeks which gave me first relief because they calm down my nervous system.
      After some months hyperacusis went away and the tinnitus was getting more stable at at a base level (at the beginning it was low after waking up and gets louder throughout the day, plus freaks out in noisy places), different hissing sound in the head and some extra sounds in my right ear.
      After doing all these things I decided to go one step ahead: Do nothing and give a shit on it - THAT HELPED MOST!
      I was able to do this because one thing changed over the first year - the tinnitus was not getting much louder with outside noises. So I had no more fear going in public places, bars, cinemas, even clubs (for sure with ear protection). I noticed that the more I do and the more I go out and relax the better the tinnitus was at the end.
      So distraction and no attention to the sounds is a key piece. I doesn't bother me at the end - but it was still there.
      One more thing changed: After waking up in the morning it was most times louder than at bedtime - a small self-massage of my neck put the level down everytime.

      And now the bad news:
      After having again a middle ear infection in the same ear in March this year everything started again. This time the sound was much, much louder, I couldn't sleep for weeks. Same thing again: after 1 1/2 week the sound in the right ear also changed and gets louder, new sounds arrived, changed daily, low volume, high volume, lower frequency, higher frequency. I got some massage to my neck nearly every day because I got a very strained neck.
      Foolishly I couldn't make the connection at this time that too much massage and irritating my neck is not good for me. I went off in Mai for some relaxing in a hotel with sauna, more massage... The massage guy there manipulates my neck with old type of hard chiropratic (against my will) and from this treatment everything in my head and ear totally freaked out! Tinnitus got even worser, had pain in my neck, problems with my eyes and balance.
      Now I know, after more research that neck problems and in general the nerves from face and neck are processed in the same parts in the brain, if you have problems with your ears problems with your neck can increase tinntius.
      At the moment I'm trying to fix neck problems with excercises and hope to get relief in my ear too.

      Has anyone else noticed that his neck problems lead to tinnitus deteriorations?

      (sorry for my bad English)

      All the best,
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      Hello Thomas,

      I've noticed that mine can sometimes get better or worse depending on the stiffness in my neck. I would say maybe just focus on doing some light stretching in the morning. I also run a foam roller along my shoulders to make sure everything is all limbered up.

      Hope that helps


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