Tinnitus Trigger Myths

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sybs, Dec 30, 2013.

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      Thank you sharing. I'd have to agree with this article. Nothing seems to adverserly effect my T except for loud noise exposure.
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      I really am hoping to identify food triggers. But after months of documenting I still only have suspicions not solid evidence. Ugh frustrating...
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      Most the so-called 'triggers' do not actually trigger tinnitus directly. Anything that can increase blood flow through the inner ear (alcohol, Gingko Biloba) or increase anxiety (caffeine) can make the tinnitus perceived as louder temporarily. Spending too much time trying to identify these triggers is a waste of time that you could (and should) spend doing more normal things. Also, loooking for triggers also means you are focussing on the tinnitus, thus making it louder !!
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Agree 100%. just thinking that something might make your T louder, probably will.

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