Tinnitus via Vaping

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Flyka70, May 25, 2016.

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      15th May 2016
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      Hi folks...
      I've had a 14000hz frequency solidly for the past 10 days.
      It started about 2 weeks after I started sub ohm vaping 80/20 VG based eliquid.
      Luckily it's not affecting my sleep or work but it is affecting the dog as he can hear the ACRN player in listening to on generalfuzz.net
      Really hope it goes away or does not get any worse.
      45yr Male with no previous ear problems.
      Look forward to some useful chat.
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      I've always wondered if my T and H had anything to do with vaping. I quit smoking about 2 years ago and started vaping. I never had anything serious going on with my ears other tan very mild T before that. I can tell you, I quit vaping a couple months ago and have not noticed a difference in my T, but that doesn't mean it didn't cause it to begin with.

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