Tinnitus Was Mentioned in the Netflixh Original Series The OA

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by another sean, Mar 31, 2019.

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      In the Netflix original series The OA, tinnitus is mentioned as these two strangers notice one another holding their breaths underwater just to be in silence and then talking about tinnitus in a later scene. They also can hear each others ringing when putting each other's ears close to one another.

      It's Season 2 Episode 4, time code 13:30.

      I couldn't help but to think of Gaby Olthuis as that was one of the reasons why she swam under water for long periods of time.

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      Hi the reason I perked up watching The OA is the fact that tinnitus was mentioned. It was a night I was watching as a means to have some relief/distraction/salve.

      I had, and continue to have, many days of super LOUD ringing. I was in deep despair...I honestly was wondering what is the point? I like the show and Netflix and I watch to escape this reality so to speak.
      The dialogue of interdimensional travel interests me. It doesn't sound "out there" to me...and it made me wonder as to the true nature of tinnitus (not caused as a direct result of super loud noise). I never listened to loud music in my early years, for example (like many musicians who suffer tinnitus).

      Any thoughts about interdimensional travel and concepts put forth with this series?

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