Tinnitus Went Away for Three Weeks While on Vacation

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nick M, Oct 25, 2020.

    1. Nick M

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      August 2017
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      I went to a foreign country last year in July and during the three week period, I had no tinnitus. My tinnitus started again when I landed back in the US. It was a very undeveloped country.

      Could it be due to reduction of stress or maybe electromagnetic pollution? Is there a large Faraday cage I could go in for a day or two to test this hypothesis? Maybe our brains are sensitive to this invisible energy.
    2. Alfred87

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      Noise induced
      Very obvious yours is stress induced tinnitus.
    3. makethemgold

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      I also have stress induced tinnitus, and mine tends to go away when I'm out with folks enjoying myself. It also seems to fade for months/years after the periods of stress pass.

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