Tinnitus Went Down to a 1/10

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ramrusher, Feb 28, 2016.

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      Hello all sufferers,
      I have had T for almost 12 years due to what my ENT guesses was a virus! I have always had sinus problems and tried a " Netty pot" to clear out my sinuses- bad idea- got a horrible ear infection , then a few weeks later was lieing on the couch and a high pitched ring ( like someone just turned on a TV) in my left ear came from nowhere and has been with me ever since! It is about a 3 out of ten on a scale - when allergies / infections start- it goes to an unbearable 6/7! This happened a few weeks ago and was put on Levequin and methyprednisone - which I had been on before- but after a few days my T went down to a 1/10 for about 3 days before coming back to its normal level! Has this ever happened to anyone before? Thought I would post this to give us all a little hope! The only other time anything like this happened was my ear itched really bad once and I stuck my finger in deep to scratch and I somehow had my finger in the exact right spot and all the noise left for 2 seconds- but have never been able to repeat it- weird! Well glad I found this forum and good luck fighting the good fight and God Bless!
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      Netti pot
      I did something very similar recently. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Did yours ever resolve from your netti pot incident ?? I'm desperate for a response there isn't much online about this !!

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