Tinnitus will not keep me from...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Emma, Mar 3, 2013.

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      Having tinnitus will not keep me from:

      -enjoying the big blockbusters that will come out this summer (zombie movie World War Z starring Brad Pitt come to mind :)).
      -looking at old family pictures and reminicsing.
      -losing weight and improving my overall health.
      -from watching re-runs of my favorite tv shows.
      -going to amusement parks.
      - feeling proud of my past achievements (I did pretty well in school, college and worked pretty hard to do well)
      - getting a good night's sleep (got to admit that this has been tough lately, but I am working on it )
      - enjoying a good meal. Food tastes just as good now as before I got tinnitus, just got to make sure it doesn't interfere with losing weight mentioned above. ;)

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