Tinnitus Worsening and Making Me Very Sad and Afraid

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by o.ner, Jan 7, 2020.

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      Loud music..?

      This is my first post for many years. I am 43 years old man from Norway, had tinnitus since 1998. After a year or so, I got better, and for all these years I had very little problems. Hearing was normal.

      There were some times when I got a bit worse, and started focusing on it again. But it always passed, someway or another.. .

      I must admit that, looking back, I have probably not protected my ears well enough with music, bars, concerts etc. Although I use earplugs most times, or leave if I felt it was to loud. But over the years it has gotten a little bit worse, but I was fully habituated still. It was never a problem.

      So when you feel and "know" that everything will be OK, you might take some risk that you probably shouldn`t have.. That is my experience now, and it makes be bitter and sad. This is my time to really think safety, for the rest of my life.

      In November my tinnitus got worse. The day after I could feel it somehow, but then a difficult situation occured at job (not noise, but scam/fraud). It stressed me, and was on my mind for weeks. Those thoughts kind of buried my thinking about the tinnitus, but I could still feel something had changed. As the job situation lessened and Christmas came, my mind went in to tinnitus mode again. I can sleep well, but am a little afraid to go to bed because of the high ringing.

      Now it is difficult to watch tv at night because the tinnitus comes in forefront, and steal my attention. I can listen to music (low volume), read, but the high pitch ringing invades everything and I think about it all the time... My hearing seems to be good still, and for that and many other things I am grateful... I'm not suicidal by any means, but very sad and afraid.

      I never thought I would need to post on a tinnitus board again. But here I am, wanted to share my experience.

      PS - I remember Dr. Nagler from a tinnitus forum back in 1998. I am impressed by this man, he still offers his help to people who suffer. Great respect to him!

      Thanks for reading. Wish you all the best.
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      I’m dealing with something similar at the moment, while I can’t offer any answers. I can offer you my support. I believe once the fear subsides, you will feel more normal and notice it much, much less. Our fear and anxieties often turn the volume and even instances of T up, I think. I experience it myself at times when I look for my T. Stay strong, friend. This was posted a few weeks ago, how are you now??
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      1998 , 2019
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Loud music..?
      Hi, thank you for writing.

      January was more difficult than i suspected. but I am not in panic anymore , and I dont spill more tears. So I would say i feel 5-10 % better.

      I have no or little problems sleeping, and I use no masking when at bedtime , so that is good. Why? Well, I never used masking previous years either.

      But during the day I hear it all the time. It is high pitched and loud, so very difficult to mask. But there can be seconds or even minutes that I dont hear it. I know it will be better, but it will take time!

      Other things in my life is good and stable, so I try to stay positive. But it's difficult. That said, i have habituated before, so I aim to do it again, although it seems harder this time.

      Best wishes

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