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      Hi, I’m glad for the internet sometimes, Tinnitus! It’s by far the worst thing I’ve ever experienced; it seems have an Acoustic neuroma in my right ear, I’ve a pacemaker so can’t have a MRI scan, got a CT scan again this week. I could do with a chat about how you manage this noise we have.

      Manchester England.
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      Hello David , read through the posts , there's lots of good advises and suggestions.
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      Welcome to the forum. It's a challenge for us all at first. Some if us adapt or habituated to the sound we hear, and some struggle every day. I am fairly new here but I am currently experiencing a lower noise more often than a loud uncomfortable one. In the beginning I focused so hard on it that I couldn't think about anything else and had great anxiety about it. I finally learned that gentle masking of the T using music, tv or nature sounds like the ocean or thunder storms or birds or wind chimes was what worked for me. I kept my normal routine as best I could, so that my mind would stay busy. We all try to find what works best for us, because there is no one answer, but there are many good ideas here. I have found great support here , I surely hope you do too.

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