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      Hello there, can I ask any of you here if you experience this at all.?

      Virtually every morning when I awake and also at certain times during the day I can feel myself trembling and seems to be more apparent at times in my right hand, I remember having this at this time last year after my T started but as I began to accept it more I think it got better, now more recently it seems to have come back again.

      I assume this is anxiety / stress and general worry but just concerns me what it could be doing to my body in the long term as I just cannot seem to have a day go by when I don't get it, the other evening when I was out with my Daughter having a drink my right hand was noticeably shaking, this is starting to worry me, I hope it gets better.

      Has anyone else experienced this and if so what might you have done to try and overcome it, any tips or advice please would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you
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      Hi, @Freddie: My guess, too, is its anxiety. But perhaps you have what is called an essential tremor? I don't know how old you are: it is most common among midlife and older people. Its neurological but, fortunately, generally harmless. My father had one for years. It most often happens in your hands. I don't think it would be related to your tinnitus.

      Having said this: consulting Dr. Google (or me) is not the solution. More important that you speak to your physician.
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