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Discussion in 'Support' started by click, Sep 27, 2012.

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      Could anyone who was referred for TRT in the UK please let me know how it went?
      Was it through the NHS or privately done?
      Did they just give you a hearing aid that made a hissing sound & tell you to go away?
      Did you have counselling?
      Did anyone have a therapist trained in Jastreboff methodology - if so, where?
      Did the NHS refer you only to a local therapist or could you go elsewhere?

      Dez - I think you had TRT - can you let me know how it went please?

      Thank you :watching:
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      Hi Click I had TRT through the NHS when I got my Tinnitus. I was given maskers to wear but no hearing aids as my hearing loss wasn't in the range of human speech. It was at a Hospital nearby me in London.

      I had counseling but have no idea if they were trained in Jastreboff methodology.

      How did it go? well it sort of helped a little bit I suppose but it was not the over whelming success I have seen other people claim it was for them. I think it is also limited to your Tinnitus remaining the same. I suffered repeated ear infections which created new noises and made my existing Tinnitus even louder. The maskers did little but irritate me after the noises kept increasing and getting louder so I stopped wearing them eventually. As for the counseling all I seem to remember was an annoying woman who didn't really have a clue what I was going through but also I was a young teenager at the time so I found the whole experience very horrifying and alienating.

      If you are an adult however I think it would be alot different.

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