Truck Noise Next to My Room — Could It Have Caused My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Senias, Sep 30, 2019.

    1. Senias

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      I heard a loud noise when I got up around 4 last night. It was the sound of the truck cleaning the road. The truck was passing by my room. I always keep the window closed, but even that can't stop the sound, and I realize it years later! It doesn't pass around my room for a long time. It goes by for 10 seconds. Could this be the cause of my tinnitus? Or could it be the reason for the increase in my tinnitus loudness?
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    2. Julien87

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      Noise exposure (concert)
      I highly doubt it. Except if you have an extreme case of reactive tinnitus.
    3. beach house

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      dunno yet
      Try to measure the loudness from your position when it passes by. Overexposure to 80+dB is bad but I don't think you'll be getting those numbers.
    4. Digital Doc

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      noise induced
      May not be good to hear these sounds when you are asleep.
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    5. Elfin

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      Loud concert
      I’m currently expediting a spike from road noise. I was outside walking my dog at the time and had earplugs in. I was exposed for 5-10 minutes. Road noise was around 75-80.

      Praying it settles but my tinnitus is noticeably louder

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