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      Hi everyone,

      Here is my story with tinnitus. I first heard a high pitch tone in my ear back in November 2011. After it didn't stop for a few days went to an ENT who diagnosed tinnitus.

      First few months were hard but eventually I was able to keep my t in the background. Until now.

      Last week I noticed that my t changed when I heard certain external sounds like my heating unit or washing machine. This am i even heard a weird whistling sound while cars were driving down the road. My right ear is now louder making it harder to mask or sleep. I went to another ENT and had a hearing test. I have some conductive hearing loss in both ears and a slight noise induced loss in my left ear (which I assume was from listening to headphones too loud).

      I have a lot of allergies and sinus issue and trying to clear that up first.

      I also have a lot of anxiety issues (all my life) that seemed to have worsen now that my T has changed. I'm terrified that my T will soon respond to all external sounds and I will never hear normally again. I'm going to see a therapist next week and hopefully some medication will help with the anxiety.

      It's been very stressful the last week especially since I have twin 20 month old girls to care for. I'm trying not to let T rule my life but it is hard and I don't know what other options I have.
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      Welcome buttercup. Anxiety and T go hand in hand it seems. Anxiety and stress always makes your T worse. Anxiety is something you can address and so are your allergy issues. Once you can get these under control, I am sure it will return to the way it was before. I have periods were my T is not an issue at all but then I get a couple of big stressers and my T ramps up and lets me know it. I then do what I can to relieve those stressers and it goes back down again. I view my T as kind of a warning indicator now. When I am stressed it ramps up so I try to remind myself to de-stress as much as I can. Certain things you can control. T is not really one of them but factors that make T worse are, like stress and anxiety. Addressing those issues will almost certainly make your T more tolerable.

      You are going to see a therapist next week and getting some meds. Those are good first steps. We all have struggles with T and life and you are on the right track.

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