Trying to Remember What It Was Like Before Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Keith Betton, Aug 22, 2016.

    1. Keith Betton

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      Initially stress, but used headphones in 1970s

      I've suffered a bit since 1997 when my dad died - I was in my 30s. I guess stress brought it on, and it has been a constant companion ever since with varying degrees of intensity. It has been worse this year than for a long time, and again stress may be part of the cause. Right now I find that when playing music on headphones my tinnitus is there on top of it. I think that is new - as often I am not particularly aware of my condition. So I guess it is quite bad. I also seem to get it worse after the rumbling noise from a car journey.

      I have only just discovered the term misophonia - but I can relate to it. If someone is vacuuming a carpet I want to leave the room. It is odd that I am OK if I am the one doing the vacuuming though. Does anyone relate to that? I guess it is because I am in control of the noise intensity.

      I recently attended a gig and wore really good "musician" earplugs. I was in the front row and was able to enjoy it without pain. It was probably still too loud for me but I felt like a normal person for once. I took the ear plugs out for one song to see what it felt like - and it was pretty horrible. I could not hear the tune in all the clanging and high-pitched cymbals - it was just screeching and downright nasty. Afterwards my tinnitus was not too bad, but now after 4 days it is worse than before. Hopefully it will subside. I may just be tired!

      However I am trying to remember whether I would have been able to stand listening to that gig before and actually enjoy it without protection. A friend went with me and attends roughly 4-5 gigs in a year. She never wears protection and is in her 50s (like me). I care about her and would hate for her to suffer like me, but she is a bit stubborn about it - yet is a very light sleeper and her life would be hell with tinnitus. I have now given her some good ear plugs as a gift as I want her to be safe. Not many people standing near me wore protection, but all the band technicians had ear plus in.

      OK - so that's my story. Interested if anyone wants to reflect on anything I have said.
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    2. undecided

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      Maybe as you're getting older, some of your hearing is getting worse and the tinnitus becomes more pronounced.
      If you believe that stress is the contributing factor, do something non-medical about it (light sports, eating healthier, sexy time etc).
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    3. madsci

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      Stress, Low-flying military aircraft, nicotine together
      I've had it worse after long (even short) car journeys, and I too run away when someone else is vacuuming. I wear earplugs at night from all the general noises.

      One thing you could try is to carry around cotton. The cotton can significantly help the T from cars/air conditioners/etc. when I have higher-than-normal stress. Maybe this could help for you with the car.

      Good luck out there
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    4. Tom Cnyc

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      Warehouse event after years of enjoying music.
      I'm trying to forget what it was like before tinnitus or get back to it.
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