Two Tone Beep in My Left Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by IceT, Aug 15, 2016.

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      Hey guys,

      Bit of a story- the past week has been absolute hell. Got the flu on a Friday and by Sunday, woke up to this two tone beep (think dialtone) in my left ear. I first heard this sound a few weeks back but it was so out of the blue and gone right away that I didn't even think it was anything more than sleeping on my ear wrong.

      When I woke up last Sunday with a sore throat and a clogged nose, I noticed that two tone beep, one high and one lower hitting me as I lay in bed. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee gone. Googled what could cause this and then bam, fell into the tinnitus whole.

      Already saw a general practitioner who referred me to an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing test, which I did today. Came back normal. Hearing was within normal limits (26yo guy here), no infections, no wax buildup, no visible damage to ear drum. I actually heard it for the first time while I was not in my room while I had the audiologist's ear plugs in. In the cold light of day, literally felt like crying. They said that up 20% of people suffer from T at some point in their lives. That's a super high number but it looks like nothing is being done.

      Was a bit let down where the only advice was 'get used to it and try not to think about it'. They recommended using a white noise app when I go to bed or having a fan on. Is that how we're expected to manage a life-long condition like this? A bit disheartening since they didn't tell me anything that I didn't know. Will probably be referred back to my GP who will send me to an ENT but at this point, I am really not too hopeful and it feels like throwing money away.

      Really hoping I can get some support now. Feel like crying. Feel so mad. Can't even look at my mum in the eye since I feel like I've let her down for some reason.

      About my T- it's only on my left ear, and when it's quiet. Like trying to sleep at night, waking up in the middle of the night, early hours of the morning. It's a two tone beep that seems to come and go, and this is what kills me. I understand that you can get used to it, but how do I get used to something that comes and goes randomly? Each time it hits, it's a new spark of pain and annoyance. I can just be laying down, staring into the ceiling, and it will hit which then wakes me up and leads to a night of tossing and turning and hoping it doesn't hit again. It can be minutes of silence to a spike or even an hour.

      A few nights ago, I managed to get to bed without hearing it even though I stayed awake for a few hours, in silence trying to listen for it- but when I wake up it's there. At this point, I wonder would a continuous tone I can tune out be better than this.

      I've never been to a concert, never worked around heavy machinery or explosives. The only thing I think could have caused this is listening to music on my iPod loud. Maybe my flu aggravated it but I remember hearing it for the first one-off time a few weeks prior to getting sick. I am getting better now and can breathe through my nose, my throat isn't sore anymore so I am HOPING against all hope that it will go away as the last remnants of flu/cold leave.

      I feel useless as all shit right now. Can't focus at work because I am so tired. I've maybe had a total of 12 hours sleep in the past seven days. Either because I'm so worried about it hitting or the fact that I will have to live the next 60 years with this, most likely getting worse. Not even eating anymore, stopped listening to music, always wondering if the sounds I hear at work are from outside or inside my ear.

      Feels like the world is all black and white now but everyone seems to be going on with their lives. A couple weeks ago I had booked my first overseas holiday and was deep into planning it and now this hit. It's robbed me of my silence and I don't know how I can cope the coming days, weeks, months, and years. People say it will get better, but how does that even WORK? How can my brain get used to a sporadic assault of sound. Each hit feels like a new one.

      The image I have in my mind is waking up next to my girlfriend one day, rolling over to say good morning and being greeted with nothing but screaming T in my ears as she tries to talk to me.

      I am genuinely sorry for writing this, especially since I know people have fought with MUCH louder T for a MUCH longer time. It's just that one week ago, my life changed in what I feel is a forever way. Completely out of the blue and I don't have anything to show for it!
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      It's been about ten days now since my T started. My cold has gone away in the past few days, no more stuffy nose (although still some remnants of mucus), throat feels normal, still the occasional coughing though.

      T is still there.. Thought I had a good night on Sunday where the noise of my dehumidifier may have kept it at bay allowing for my first unbroken period of sleep since the 7th. Last night it was pretty bad, especially lying on my left ear against the pillow.

      Still don't get how I am meant to habituate to something I can't predict. Each time it comes it's always a surprise.

      Don't know how I can live with this. Feels so shit. Still holding on for it to go away after my cold has been gone for a while but then again, I've had colds before and never with T so I don't really know anymore.
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      I don't know
      You have many questions and I can't answer them. But from reading your story, I can hopefully give you some peace of mind.

      As stated in your two comments, your tinnitus comes and goes. Plus you are in the early stages.

      From lurking on this forum I learned that tinnitus that fluctuates or changes allot does not mean it's something negative. It means that there is something happening. Maybe it will go away. Besides that your tinnitus started 10 days ago, you have a few options to choose from. Steroid injections I presume(I'm not familiar with it).

      And last there is still a chance that your tinnitus will dissappear, because it's in the early stage.
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      I suggest you aggresivly persue all potential treatments that have shown to have some impact on tinnitus. All your Money and time should be directed to handling this. You are in the acute phase so the time to act is now. HBOT, LLLT, SUPPLEMENTS, steroids. ALL are potential options. Above all avoid sound at the moment be in the quiet as much as possible.
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      Vestibular Nueritis, loud music (dubstep)
      Hello, thank you for your post!!!! I have this beeping two tone tinnitus also!! I have it only in my right ear, it sounds like a metallic beep that sometimes vibrates or stops completely. It hits me exactly as you said, literally it hits me and is new everytime so I can never habituate!! Always the same two tones but always vibrating differently as they go EEEEEeeeeee completely stop then EeeEeEEEEEeeee stops. It's s hole another level of suffering!!!! I have had it for 2 years and have not habituated. Sleeping is traumatizing, I'm sure you can understand traumatizing sleep, most people will think your crazy when you start asking them cut your auditory nerve. I've been in four mental hospitals since it started, with no help. However I saw an otologist and her tests revealed I have cochlear hydrops, meaning increased pressure inside the cochlea from fluid causing beeping noises in my ears!! You likely have cochlear hydrops from high blood pressure causing your symptoms too, please see an otologist for testing!!! This is the worst tinnitus imaginable, hits you then leaves, faster than your heartbeat, you have no chance to prepare then it hits then it's gone then it's back gone back gone back gone it's back it's gone now you are certifiably crazy feeling. After 1 year I also started to hear the noise of a finger on a whine glass with big fat low pitched crickets in my left ear only :( :( :(. Mine happened after a cold and I have had trouble with my sinus since then and I still have sinus issues.

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