Type A or B Personality Does It Make a Difference

Discussion in 'Dr. Raymond Ancill (Psychiatrist)' started by gary, Jul 6, 2015.

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      Hi Dr Ancill, Have you seen any correlation between a person with say a type A personality, and type B regarding how they respond to their T, is a type A more likely to get T. Dose one habituate better than the other.

      I am interested in you're thoughts, as to whether we are already predisposed to getting T in the first place, and if personality plays a role or is it pretty much genetic.
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      Type A and B Personalities is 'psychobabble' and of no scientific value. Therefore there is no answer to your question. Having said that, it makes sense that different personality types (if such a thing exists) would deal differently with adversity - tinnitus or something else. There is just no decent research about this.
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