Typewriter Tinnitus Resolved by Me (?) or by Itself (?)

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      Hello all!

      I thought I won't have to return to this forum, but last week I had a pretty rollercoaster ride experience.
      I want to share my story so that maybe it might help someone with the same condition.

      I have acoustic damage induced Tinnitus for over 10+ years now. It's on both sides, with multi tone enjoyment :D I also have a not so great posture plus I train jiu jitsu 3 times a week, so i have pretty tense muscles around my neck most of the time. I belong to the "lucky ones" so that I can live and habituate it without any kind of medical drug.

      However, last week during training I had my jaw compressed quite hard, when I heard a 'pop' on the left side of the jaw joint. That was it, no pain or anything, but after 2 days I recognized during sleep ours, that this typewriter t just coming on and off at pretty random intervals at the right ear!

      So, OK I had all the downsides of tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, mild depression but got out in one piece.

      But this thing was a different kind of monster, without any pattern!

      My 'luck' was that it wasn't constant, but maybe a half dozens tap in every 2-3 minutes, or just 2 or a single click. What strange is that the compression happened on the left side, but this was definitely audible on the right. I have to mention, this wasn't completely unknown to me, every now and then (maybe 1 or 2 times a week) I had a dozen of clicks but then it was gone, so it never bothered me at all.

      I read all I could find about it, to learn that carbamazepine can do wonders with this type of tinnitus.
      I gave myself a week to see how it changes, and in the meantime laid off of the training, and had a head and neck massage including the jaw area. After the massage for a good 3 hours the clicking had vanished, only to come back later. Also had a couple of stone rose oil drops in my ears.
      After a couple of days, I've noticed that it's getting less and less frequent, but it was only audible at the sleeping hours anyway so it's hard to say.
      As I'm writing this and knocking on wood, the typewriter t is gone, and I back with good ol' standard t :)

      So my conclusion is, that in my case it is definitely connected with the jawjoint, maybe the tensor tympani muscle got sprained as well?

      Also a very strange phenomena is that (I also did a couple times during this ordeal) is that somehow I can stretch and release that tensor tympany muscle in my ear canal!? I'm not quite sure and I swear I have no idea how I do it, but when I concentrate, and "squeeze" there is a slight change in my earing, like I placed my palms over my ears, but not completely, but in a way that the inner works (bloodstream flowing etc.) volume is turned up a slight as I do this. I'm also able to move my ears with the superficial muscles on the skull (but this is different from that and can be done on itself), which as far as I know not everyone can do, just like the single eyebrow raise.

      Anyway it's gone now, and maybe the massage, maybe my "superskill" :), maybe the oil or altogether, but it's gone! Maybe something got swollen, and it healed in couple of days.

      So if anyone might also be able to get any help or benefit from all this, then it was worth to write it down.

      Best luck to all, and I hope the day to eradicate all this suffering from history is near!
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