Unilateral Tinnitus, Sometimes Turns Into Bilateral?

Discussion in 'Support' started by HanaK, Feb 20, 2019.

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      NIHL, ETD, TMJ?
      I have unilateral tinnitus in my right ear on most days, but when I'm exposed to even brief noises for the day such as children screaming, or shopping carts being put away, I get ringing on my left ear too. Eventually it goes away though after a few days of rest.

      It's weird that I only have tinnitus in one ear on most days... Is there any chance it will go away if it's only in one ear? It's been getting quieter lately when I take care of my ears through my diet and limiting exposure... but always seems to be spiked even by the briefest noise. :bored: I also get fleeting tinnitus when I think a lot/when I stress out about something.

      BACKSTORY of the cause of my tinnitus:

      My cause of tinnitus is due to noise induced hearing loss (20 or so concerts/live events without earplugs since 2012 (mainly raves and K-pop concerts, a few school events, and some quieter acoustic/random events with live entertainment), blasting music through earbuds (4+ or so years, I didn't blast as much when I was younger, got heavily influenced by my peers and people around me, and started blasting later on in life, been using earbuds for 10+ years though), car radio (3 years), and home speakers (on occasion, maybe less than 10 times), and not covering ears around firecrackers, etc. young and stupid lol why did I think my ears were invincible (n)) I got tinnitus (or noticed it) in April of 2018 after I used debrox (per the nurse's recommendation) and tried to get the debrox out with the shower head :cautious: once again, stupid decision. lol.

      Fast forward to September of 2018, I decided to get a hearing test for my mild vertigo symptoms, and that's when my hearing loss got revealed, with ETD in the right ear. When the doctor said it was permanent nerve damage and that I couldn't do anything about it, I knew I messed up big time. I remember going in and out of the doctor's since 2016 or even earlier for vertigo and muffled hearing symptoms, and getting my earwax washed out. Little did I know the solution was as simple as turning my music down lol. :dunno:

      TMJ also plays a small role, but I think even if my tmj gets resolved I will still have some form of tinnitus.

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