Unilateral Tinnitus with Bilateral Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Support' started by Taucher, Aug 25, 2019.

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      Hello all.

      I posted before about having tinnitus and mild hearing loss in my right ear only. I had a hearing test in January this year and I was feeling hearing loss and tinnitus in my right ear only.

      However I have had another look at my hearing test results and they show mild hearing loss over 2000 Hz in both ears. I’d forgotten that my report saying I had bilateral hearing loss.

      In addition, I have negative pressure in my right ear (the ear with tinnitus).

      So I am still anxiously waiting for the results of my MRI scan to rule out (hopefully!) acoustic neuroma.

      Is unilateral tinnitus with bilateral hearing loss common and what does it point to?
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      Several causes
      In principle, the fact that you have hearing loss and tinnitus does not automatically imply you suffer from some serious condition. Nowadays there is a lot of noise and hearing loss can progress fast as you just live your normal life around noise, if you are prone to losing hearind due to loud noise exposure.

      How was your MRI? What did it show?

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