Unmaskable Tinnitus for Christmas — Progression for the Worse Continues

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bill Arsenault, Dec 23, 2019.

    1. Bill Arsenault

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      Permanent and intrusive since 2017.
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      Medication / Noise Over Exposure
      This is getting so horrifically ridiculous.

      Since I first noticed it almost 3 years ago my tinnitus has always steadily gotten progressively worse.
      The significant increase is noticeable approx every 7- 10 days and is always permanent.
      I do get intense reactive spikes occasionally throughout the day - but they only last 5 - 15 seconds and they are literally deafening.
      Unfortunately - these spikes answer that fearsome question I used to ask myself.

      “How loud can this actually eventually get?”

      I have at one time or another stopped everything that I thought could possibly be causing my baseline to consistently worsen - yet nothing stopped the progression.

      I go to Mass General Eye and Ear as often as they will see me and have gotten second, third and fourth opinions.

      The very best they could finally do for me was a referral to physical therapy where I got a lame neck massage that of course did absolutely nothing but piss me off and hammer my insurance.

      Anyway - now to the point.
      Noticed on Sunday afternoon while sitting outside on the porch that it had got significantly worse once again for no apparent reason whatsoever.

      But this time a very new line was crossed.

      It is now always very audible outdoors - although I am sure there will still be some temporary exceptions such as when walking a busy downtown street.

      The reality really hit home extremely hard last night when going to bed.
      My tinnitus is now hopelessly and severely intrusive to my attempts at sleep and unmaskable at reasonable levels of volume from audio devices, fans, etc...

      And I know from experience that if I leave TV/music/masking on overnight at anything over low to mid TV volume that I will pay dearly and permanently for it.

      But wait - here's the best part.
      I have now exceeded the pain threshold for the ear that is blocked by the pillow.

      So now when an ear is blocked by anything such as hats, plugs, pillows, etc... I now experience pain along with the sensation of a horrible echo of my own tinnitus in my head.

      I realize that’s probably impossible - but yet there it is.

      So - it’s off to the Emergency Room instead of work to see about getting my first ever course of Prednisone.

      I wish I would have thought of it before - since my tinnitus gets worse about every week or so - there is probably some type of fresh damage happening consistently that can maybe be saved.

      Certainly not counting on results - But I know I am already second guessing what I could have done differently to keep things from getting this desperate.

      I wish I could post a positive message that could be of more help to others.

      But the best I can do is to let others who are fearful and confused by their rapidly and permanently worsening condition - to know they are not alone or unique.

      Because I thought I was at first.

      Seriously though.
      Merry Holidays Everyone.
      Take care and have a good one if possible.

      I’m actually looking forward to the hustle, bustle and distractions - and even the alcohol.
      To hell with living like a monk - at least for a day.

      I do realize that’s not the case for all - and my heart truly goes out to them.
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      I think a Sound Pillow will help you. Mine is not really maskable with standalone noise machine at reasonable volume (in fact my sound rises), but with my SoundPillow it is almost maskable at 25/40 volume.
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