Unpleasant Electric Shock Response to Everyday Noise

Discussion in 'Support' started by Per, Dec 16, 2013.

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      After I got tinnitus I've been experiencing some very physical reaction patterns to noise. When I hear things that I don't know is coming I can get this really fast electrical impulse sensation running with high speed trough my body, it all takes under a second before it leaves. The noise or sound doesn't have to be loud at all, while I sit and write this I have a panel oven with a thermostat, when it turns off and on it makes this low key "click" sound, very fast and very unpredictable.

      Each time this happens I react as if I have experienced something really scary, like jumping back on the pavement to save my life from a fast car or something like this.

      Do you get me? It's like my body is in this fight or flight mode while I'm actually just sitting still at home in front of my computer. This "electric body chock" experience can also happen if for instance a person walks fast upon me without me noticing it or seeing it in advance - so it doesn't always combine with noises. This leads me to exclude any hyperacusis relations, although it happened after tinnitus & hyperacusis arrived in my life. After I got tinnitus & hyperacusis these things happens all the time and my audiologist couldn't explain why.

      I've been trying to read up on it but haven't been able to track down any scientific material describing this except from "fight or flight" mode condition with somatic related tinnitus. Or chock responses in general.

      The sensation is very physical and I can only describe it as an attack of electrical impulses running trough my body like a lightning, it's exactly like having electric shock. I have actually experienced that when I was a kid and it feels just like that.

      Anyone that has the same experiences?
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      What happened - I have the same issue. Would be interested to know. Thanks.

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