Unpleasant Scratching (Squealing) in the Car from Behind (Taxi).

Discussion in 'Support' started by IvanRus, Dec 2, 2017.

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      Guys, today I went to a taxi. I sat in the back seat to the left. When we went, I found that just on the left, in the back of the car something creaked (squealed). The scrape was very high-frequency and unpleasant. I drove about 7 minutes. What do you say?
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      Acoustic Trauma
      If you were to wear earplugs whenever you are outside of your home, you would be able to avoid most of those problems.
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      Now, I understand that when one is afflicted with this terrible condition, anxiety can run high. And you sort of have to learn how live a new kind of life in this noisy world. I also don't think that our T would go away if we could just learn to "chill out", BUT, as T is highly tied to our limbic system, stress and anxiety definitely make it worse.

      You need to take a step back and question some of your irrational thinking, you're doing a lot of unnecessary harm to yourself at the moment.
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      Your problem is anxiety, not noise.

      Wearing earplugs all the time will make your anxiety and sensitivity worse.
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