Until Yesterday, Tinnitus Free/100% Habituated for Three Years — I Dehabituated While in Bed

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nikopol, Sep 21, 2020.

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      Hi folks,

      I was posting here some 3 years ago. In the end I made a goodbye thread as I was fine.

      In short, my tinnitus was caused by my back because a nerve got inflamed and screwed up my system. After months of massage therapies the tinnitus decreased and eventually I habituated. For the last 3 years I was tinnitus free.

      Until 24 hours ago. There was really no trigger, no second onset. I was lying in my bed, trying to fall asleep when I... noticed it again. But not because there was a new onset. It was always there. I just didn't even register it unless I focused. The closest I could compare it to is as if you are in car, driving to work and suddenly you remember where you put that ticket you lost years ago. I just suddenly remembered that its there. And once you see it, you can't unsee it.

      So here I am, the tinnitus is back unless I do an activity that makes me forget it, watch a movie or something.

      It's not a big, big deal, not treading untested waters. Been there, done that. I will somehow make it again but I am wondering if this happened to any of you and if you have a tip on how to "forget to remember" it and return to habituated state.

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      this describes most of my life and for the moment I find it "fine". That is, it's always there, I can always hear it, and yet... mostly I don't. In my case medication has made a significant difference, but, it is also a cognitive shift.

      I understand what you're saying. Have you seen or read Lord of the Rings? It's like your conscious mind is the Great Eye of Sauron, and for whatever reason, the Eye has again turned to the Tinnitus Signal as something Worth Watching.

      Try to relax and let your inner Sauron find some orcs to watch or something ;)
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