Uptick In Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis Symptoms? Hang in There, You Got It!

Discussion in 'Support' started by HalloweenScreamQueen, May 30, 2021.

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      I've been noticing a lot of people posting that they're having more problems with their tinnitus and hyperacusis lately. Two pieces of non-medical advice and one side note - One, If you're suffering, ask for help; from online groups like Tinnitus Talk, from a counselor, your pastor or priest, your family, your friends. If you don't already have an ENT and an audiologist who have experience working with patients who have tinnitus & hyperacusis, do a Google search and find one. For those of you in the US, try your state college or university or your local Veterans Administration hospital. They may not be able to treat you, but they may know of someone who can. No, there's no cure at the moment, but having an ENT and audiologist you can trust does make a difference. They can talk to you about earplugs, hearing aids, white noise machines, allergies, plugged Eustachian tubes, and everything else that can affect your tinnitus & hyperacusis.

      Second, just remember, "This too shall pass." Whatever noises in your head you have to deal with, you CAN do it. It's difficult, sometimes scary, and always a PITA, but you can learn to live with tinnitus & hyperacusis. Mine started when I hit puberty, over forty-five years ago. Now, I only think about it when I'm writing posts like this and before I go someplace that I know will be noisy (Get some good earplugs with sound filters. I wear Alpine brand Party Plugs or break out the Bose noise-cancelling earphones.) When I was a kid, I thought I was going to die, or that someone was in the house at night, or that I was going to DIE. And I was too much of a kid to figure out that I should probably tell someone instead of dreading waking up at night in a quiet house and hearing what was "all in my head." It became my "new normal" (yeah, I intensely dislike that term too, but it is kind of appropriate here) and I slowly got used to it.

      And as a side note that might be of interest, consider whether your new symptoms or reactions to your tinnitus or hyperacusis might be because you're coming out of the dreaded COVID-19 cocoon. As the world opens up again, and you start interacting with more people or in public places, your brain will need time to adjust to the louder volume. During this last year, hubby and I spent more time at home where it's quiet. Going to Walmart for the first time in a while felt like I was in the mosh pit at a rave! Hang in there folks. You've got this.
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