[US, UK, Canada] Would You Be Interested in Testing a Hybrid In-Ear Device for Hyperacusis?

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      Below is from the Hyperacusis Research website:

      Hyperacusis patients in the US, UK, and Canada: Would you be interested in testing a hybrid in-ear device for hyperacusis?

      We are helping a researcher gauge interest in testing such a device, which would reduce loud sounds, allow normal sounds through, and include built-in noise generators for sound therapy. The goal would be to slowly transition patients from sound attenuation to sound enrichment.

      The 2-minute survey is on our main website, hyperacusisresearch.org -- the first item under the "manage noise" tab, labeled "hyperacusis device."

      Here is the direct link: http://hyperacusisresearch.org/hyperacusis-device/

      Thank you to all participants.
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