Valium as Anesthetic for Cataract Surgery

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brooklyn NY, Jan 13, 2020.

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      November 5, 2017
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      probably pepto bismo and aspercreme
      Hi, my eye doctor wants to use Valium as an anesthetic for my upcoming cataract eye surgery. The surgery is about a 10 minute procedure.

      Is this safe for tinnitus? I saw Valium on the ATA list of ototoxic drugs, so I am worried.

      Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      I had one the other night.

      I had a horrible experience with it (although it could have mixed with antidepressants and other drugs I was on)

      to be fair, the tinnitus seemed quieter the following day or 2 but then went back up.

      I think you’ll get a lot of different answers..

      Example: “one use won’t do anything”
      “I got my t from benzos”

      You just need to go with what you’re comfortable.

      I had hallucinations, was hearing things and my mind was racing whilst on it. This lasted about 4 hours for 5mg

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