Varying Tinnitus? Pulsatile Tinnitus? I’m So Confused. Help?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Vin, Feb 1, 2019.

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      Hi all,

      Well, I am 7 weeks in after being physically assaulted in early December. Left ear only.

      My tinnitus is seeming to vary. I test it in am isolated room in the basement every couple days (so the variables are constant). Sometimes it is bad a continuous hum or buz and other times it is a faint thumping like the bass from a radio in the other room. Is this normal? Do others have tinnitus that varies? Goes from being terrible or very prevalent to very faint? I am trying to wrap my head around triggers etc.

      Stress is an obvious one, goes without saying, if I get worked up it gets worse, much worse.

      I am wondering honestly about this pulsatile tinnitus? I am wondering if the thumping that is like a distant bass from a stereo in another room is my pulse? I do get palpitations off and on, especially when anxious.

      Does pulsatile tinnitus always sound like a thumping, like bass from a distant stereo or can it go into a complete constant humming or buzzing which I also get? Or could that be the actual sound of the blood flowing through the artery (I think it’s called) near my ear? I read that in some cases if your blood pressure is high or strong you can actually hear the whooshing of your blood flowing? I took my blood pressure here at home and it is seemingly normal.

      I know I will not see an ENT for 3+ months as I am in Canada and nothing is privatized so I have to go through the system.

      Also, my bad (left) ear is not popping properly, feels full and I also get a crackling. I wonder if my eustachian tube is affected? I had an ear infection with this ear a year ago too.

      Not knowing what the cause is (assault or that ear infection and the fluid I had in my ear until about a week ago) or what is going on inside my ear and sinuses is maddening. Then again, judging by some experiences on here, some ENT’s don’t seem to be able to tell people much but they would be able to tell me if it is pulsatile by listening to it behind my ear with an instrument, correct? They could also tell me if there is fluid or anything going on with my eustachian tube, correct?

      Any advice, experiences or answers to some of these questions are appreciated.


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