Very Low Frequency (30-35 Hz) Tinnitus in Left Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ani23, Jan 13, 2022 at 4:02 AM.

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      Hi everyone, I just joined Tinnitus Talk. I woke up about 3 weeks ago and my left side of the face felt very full with pressure. Shortly after I started getting a very low frequency humming (like a running fridge or AC) in my left ear. The weird thing is I can actually feel the vibration in my ear.

      Some of my symptoms:
      • Very low pitch hum that is always "vibrating"
      • When I stick my finger in my ear, the humming would disappear
      • I used an online generator and it seems like 30-35 Hz is the level the humming stops and I don't feel the vibrations anymore, which leads me to believe my tinnitus is not actually gone but rather being "cancelled out" with the external sound
      • In the past 3 weeks, the hum had gone away twice for a few hours - both times were after I showered but the humming always comes back the next day
      • I feel like the hum is quieter in the morning and then gradually gets louder by night time
      • When the tinnitus is gearing up, sometimes the hum would start off somewhat choppy like 'dum-dum-dum' before it eventually becomes constant like 'duuuuum'
      I went to the ENT who said my ear was fine, no damage to eardrum, no infection or anything. I'm scheduled to go in for a hearing test next week, but wanted to see if anyone has experienced anything similar to this before?

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      Hi @Ani23,

      I'm sorry to hear about your low frequency tinnitus. There are quite a couple of people around who've got the same kind of low frequency hum - do a search and the related threads will show up. One of my noises is a hum like this, too. I've had it for close to 3 years by now and it's the noise that has been incredibly hard to get used to because, even though it isn't really loud it's incredibly intrusive. It's got to my so badly that I'd literally bang my head against the wall to give my brain something other than the hum to focus on. It got me back to my ENT in no time, even though I already knew from my first noise that there wasn't much he could / would do. This time, however, I insisted on being allowed to give a WNG / hearing aid a try and it has made a big difference to me.

      Since you've only had tinnitus for 3 weeks there it might be a fleeting occurrence and disappear as suddenly as it has come to life. Try not to stress too much, and I know this is far more easily said than done, protect your ears and try to distract yourself as much as possible. If your tinnitus isn't reactive you can have your radio or TV playing in the background, for example, or you may want to go for a walk, anything really to stop you from focussing on your tinnitus noise nonstop.

      All the best,
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