Vigabatrin, a GABA Transaminase Inhibitor, Reversibly Eliminates Tinnitus in an Animal Model

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Danny Boy, Jan 8, 2016.

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      Could Tiagabine reduce tinnitus in non-noise induced tinnitus? For example, tinnitus caused by otoxic drugs. Anyone tried this drug?
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      I've tried Sabril (which is as close as you can get to tiagabine, as its very hard to get) for quite some time and found it had almost zero effect.
      Combined with benzos, it might give you some more down time, that's it.
      Stay away, vigabatrin (not tiagabine) has a black box warning for field of vision problems. I bet tiagabine is not very innocent either.
      On a more personal note, stop obsessing about tinnitus treatments.
      There is none, whatsoever, only very temporary ones.
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      Vestibular Nueritis, loud music (dubstep)
      I really don't think you want to play around with neurotransmitters. Especially GABA.

      FYI GABA is really important for sexual function along with a myriad of other hormones and nuerotransmitters. You definitely don't want to inhibit GABA. Without GABA you risk overproduction of cortisol, norepinephrine, and a dominance of dopamine without enough serotonin to balance it. This induces fight or flight stress response and likely increases you T.

      Also FYI since we're here: Refraining from Ejaculating and only doing it every 2-3 days you maintain GABA, ejaculation (male) causes a dominoe of hormones and it can be very healthy but overdoing it produces a hormonal fire in you brain AND EARS called inflammation and this can cause T. However returning to healthy homeostasis will reduce the inflaming (fire) hormones and nuerotransmitters and any T from this will also decrease. Be easy on yourself, You can still have sex but semen contains a lot of hormones that are critical for your EARS so try to ejaculate less! And waiting an extra day or two makes Sex awesome through the increase in good hormones cuz as time passes they build up. Like Testosterone which is also important to keep high for T regulation.
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