Virus in Ear Has Caused Low Rumbling Noise

Discussion in 'Support' started by mjf009, Aug 4, 2016.

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      Virus / ear infection
      I had a virus 3 - 4 weeks ago now and my left ear became completely blocked. As the fluid left my ear i started to notice a low rumbling noise like a car engine. This would come on for a few hours then disappear at first. But now for at least 3 weeks its constant. The strange thing is sometimes it goes for a good few hours but then just comes back. When it goes if I tilt or shake my head I hear a whooshing noise in my ear. Im waiting for an ent appointment at the moment. Has anyone had something like this im desperate for it to go. It must be something mechanical inside my ear causing this and like i said occasionally it goes. How long will this last.
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      Mine started during cold and not to scare you but it's still here 5 years after.
      Hopefully it goes away for you.

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