Visit to Neurologist and Questions

Discussion in 'Support' started by Leah, Dec 12, 2014.

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      You wise and compassionate people are the best source of information for me.
      Having a pain in my head right on the top on and off for two weeks. neurologist guess if nerve and wanted to do injection of anthestic and steroids. He did say that it could make the pain and T temporarily worse with no guarantee that they would even help. That was a chance I did not want to take. Came down to trying medication Carbamazepine. He also pondered whether T and pain are connected both on same side. After appt I am having a challenging spike and a new sound that plays in the background all the time just like the hum of a laptop.
      I feel like every day I live to wait to go to bed and pray that sleep helps.
      I know that some days are better then others and pray that this passes and a good dawns soon.
      If Markku is reading this had a dream about you last night.:)
      Reading over the forums helps to cope during this tough times, words of support.
      Thank you all.

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