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      Don here. I have been flying jets since 1980 and riding bikes since mid 70s. I have always worn earplugs and lately noise cancelling headsets while flying and usually some sort of protection while riding motorcycles. My T was always very subtle until 2000 when I blew an eardrum (rt). It became something that was noticeably there and occasionally annoying especially the morning after a few cocktails. I recently (Jan 2015) had some neck issues and the T got much worse since then. My neck is in bad shape structurally from years of sports and flying Air to Air Fighters (g forces). I have tried all of the 'alternative' remedies I can find and the T gets worse. I am of strong disposition but its starting to get to me. Just had a small clot in my calf which has me grounded for a few weeks and it's driving me nuts. Looking to educate myself by learning from this community.
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